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"Don't touch me!" Leonard hissed the words, apparently managing to seem feral enough to have the boy that just asked him a harmless question with a hand on his shoulder absolutely terrified. He backed away and Leonard already turned his head, leaning against the wall and tightening his arms around himself. He had to calm down. He closed his eyes, fingers curling into the fabric of his hoodie.

He really had to calm down, instead his hands were beginning to cramp from how tightly they held onto himself at all times.
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Hilarious. Leonard repeated the mantra of "Stay calm. Stay calm. Stay calm for Lisa.", but it was still starting to get to be too much. He couldn't lose it here, they'd keep him longer. It was bad enough that he couldn't hold it together enough to not be brought here in the first place. He slowly let himself sink to the ground, letting out a shaky breath. When he looked up again at least he seemed to have accomplished looking pathetic instead of threatening. Might be the better choice.

"Just fuck off!"
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It was some time before Leonard managed to calm himself enough to uncurl his fingers, to actually let his brain catch up with his situation. He got up slowly, his heart beating entirely too fast. He didn't use to be like this, but it was difficult now to remember that. A time when he hadn't been scared, of the world, of himself, of whatever else might be inside him.

He pushed away from the wall, arms wrapped more loosely around himself now as he stopped near Mick, the boy who had shouted before. "Thanks."
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Good enough. Leonard didn't really hesitate, he pulled himself up on the chair's armrest, curled up there and acted like there was nothing unusual about this position and as if it was actually comfortable. He didn't expect to be acknowledged further, so instead he simply stared at the television, tried to actually absorb what he was seeing instead of getting lost in thoughts. It was a struggle.

"I'm Leonard." He didn't expect an answer, he just needed a distraction.
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"So, entering, inside now, getting the hell out? Smart ninja." Leonard watched the screen still, unable to really focus on it while his mind went through so many possibilities. What if his father visited Lisa? He knew he wasn't supposed to, but when had that ever stopped Lewis Snart? Leonard swallowed and closed his eyes instead, trying to force himself into calmness, since clearly that worked so well. He was going to lose it here.
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"I'd like to be a ninja." Mostly he wanted to not be here. Leonard slowly unclenched his right hand, massaging it with his left. It really was starting to cramp up and he had no clue how to stop that. Relax, he supposed. As if. Every moment he spent here, it got worse. He hated the pretence that this place was supposed to help him. It was doing the exact opposite already.
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"I'd sit somewhere else, but they won't let me go to my room. I'm socialising." Clearly doing a bang up job of it too. Leonard tried to look more at ease and did at least an impression of a person who was. His mind wouldn't give him a break for more than a moment and it was too much to deal with. Entirely too much. "Don't mean to bother you, but there's the fewest people here."
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It was loud, but seemed effective. Leonard raised his eyebrows and wished he had somewhere to retreat to, but it looked as if this was the kind of thing he'd have to get used to. To distract himself and since he promised, he pulled a folded up piece of paper from his pocket and continued a drawing he was doing. He wasn't a bad artist, really, if lacking in practise, but Lisa couldn't read and so all he could send her were pictures. He went with things he knew Lisa liked, which was all the more reason not to be caught doing it, given he was drawing puppies, flowers, fairies and other cute kids stuff.
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"Mick?" It was the middle of the night, but Leonard couldn't sleep. The building was full of sounds that he couldn't explain, his brain - as always - was wired and the most reassuring thing in his world at the moment was the sound of Mick's breathing. Leonard knew he shouldn't wake him, but reasoning like that didn't really play much of a role right now. He had to focus on keeping his breathing even and he just wanted someone to talk for a moment to ground him in this reality, even if it was likely to only be to shout at him for waking him up in the first place.

Leonard crouched down next to Mick's bed and reached out, gently shaking his shoulder. "Mick?"
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"Right. Why don't ghosts ever live anywhere easily accessible with a nice view?" No one ever heard of a haunted nice place, it was always scary dumps like these. Buildings full of miserable kids and without a way to get out. Leonard sat down on the ground, leaning his back against Mick's bed. He stared at his hands when he folded them in his lap, used enough to the darkness by now that he could see just fine. "Who ya gonna call."
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"Please. I don't even wanna talk to any of the other kids, why would I want to add ghosts to that list?" Apparently talking with Mick fell into a different category somehow and Leonard didn't even know why. It calmed him instead of putting him on edge the way talking to the others here did. The way everything did lately. He wished it was less dark here. He wished every sound when he closed his eyes wouldn't have him expecting the door to open. He wasn't scared of any ghosts. Living people were a lot scarier, in his experience.
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"I don't like not hearing what's coming." Same reason he barely even liked to close his eyes. Leonard did close them now, lifting his hands to wrap his arms around himself as he heard another thud. He used to be tough. He was supposed to be strong. He had to be strong, because every second he spent here breaking apart for no reason, Lisa was out there without him. He pressed his lips together, breathing out slowly through his nose. "You're the only calm person here."
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"Compared to the others here, you're relaxing." Leonard looked up at Mick for just a moment, seeing the smile on his face and actually smiling in turn. It wasn't as if there was a lot to feel positive around, but there really was something about the effect Mick had on him. He liked looking at him, especially when he smiled like now, however briefly. "You'll just nap during the day again anyway."
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"Oh. Yeah, sure." Leonard got up and moved to the side, not even surprised. Of course Mick was hungry, he wasn't sure he'd seen him not hungry yet. "You got even more food stashed?" Also something that wouldn't surprise him, just based on his experiences with his roommate so far. "At least you got this place figured out." Mick didn't belong here. This place couldn't help anyone.
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Leonard found himself watching Mick a bit too closely and so he looked away, focusing on the candy bar he'd caught instead. He sat back down on the floor opposite Mick, unwrapping the candy and taking a bite. He wasn't actually hungry, but he hadn't eaten much and he supposed there was just some kinship to sharing a stash like this. He would have to contribute to it some time soon. "I'm gonna be out of here as soon as possible." There was no debating this.
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"I wouldn't if they stopped trying to help." Seemed a simple enough concept. He'd been a lot better back when people left him alone. Now he was supposed to talk to these kids, play nice with them? They were idiots, they were loud, they were unpredictable and there was always too many of them at once. Of course that put him on edge, it would put anyone on edge. "So many bastards run around freely and don't make nice with others, why they gotta put me in there? I have to get out."
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Leonard nodded, even as his eyes went to the window. He grabbed his upper arm, fingers playing along the fabric of his shirt. He wanted out. Obviously he knew he couldn't just make a run for it, but even only a week or two seemed impossible. Especially because he doubted his ability to get along with anyone other than Mick right now, since there were very few things that didn't put him on edge right now. "Guess I'll have to do that then."
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"Wasn't thinking about running away." Leonard sighed and finished off his candy bar, absently folding the wrapper. He looked back at Mick and pulled his legs up. "Sorry I woke you." He supposed he should apologise for that. He would have to make these kids like him. It didn't matter how hard it was, he had to do it, for Lisa's sake. For his own sake too, because if he couldn't take care of Lisa, he was worth nothing. "You should get out too. With me."
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Great. Just what he needed. Leonard felt heat rise to his face and pretended it wasn't. "Not what I meant. I'm just saying, you shouldn't be in here. This place ain't helping anyone." Leonard obviously didn't take Mick's hand now, instead he just got up by himself and took a step back, deciding that he'd put more distance between them in other ways too from now on. "Not pinning anything on anyone. Learned that lesson a long time ago."