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mick is perfect ok the end <3

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Ray: Hey Mick, look! It’s art! *hands Mick phone*
Mick: That’s the front camera.
Ray: You’re art <3 <3
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WISH GRANTED where should we start

but also for real i wanted to toss kudos your way for your rp! you're consistent and you balance someone volatile in a way i'd NEVER dream of doing. i love it!
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and not only is his voice easy to hear in your dialogue, but you're really good at describing enough of how he gets to a decision to keep it interesting but not leave me like ???? ever. you make him real and also still so ridiculous, which makes it really fun to thread with you! which i say because usually, it's so so scary to jump into CR with a mick type (then again i could obviously be biased because of this idiot) but your style makes it super exciting and fun and safe.
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right back at you. i'm still so grateful that you all waited a bit for me to get back in action so i'm gonna take every chance i can get for threads. gimme that endless tldr nom nom nom