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» Hey.
» Just a heads up: I'm working on it
» But with everything going on this week, I kind of need to wait to finish it
» Unless you rather I hand you something faulty because of delirium setting in from lack of sleep
» But I kinda figure you'd rather it be properly done. So.
» Shit, sorry for the 90 texts. I'm just gonna shut up now.

[Yeah, because he doesn't have enough of an issue with rambling. Sleep-deprivation only seems to make it worse! Sorry, Mick. But hey, updates on the progress of your gun are a good thing, right?]
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» Probably. But see: sleep deprived. Also: the PhD I have in Ramble-ology.
» Thought you might agree on that one.
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so considerate, Mick

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» Yeah, yeah. I'm doing finishing touches
» You'll have it in hand today.

[He's still utterly exhausted, but he did manages something more like proper sleep, so actually, finishing where he'd left on Mick's gun had been one of his top priorities.]
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» It's not rigged.
» I'm not looking to have a matching set of bruises with Leonard give you a reason to break my face okay?

[Tampering would only mean he lost that precious IOU favor, and he doesn't intend to do anything to make Mick go back on that. Because who knows, it could be handy in the future. Especially with Thawne running around.]
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[His jaw clenches when that text comes in. Stubborn levels rising.]

» Leave Caitlin out of it.
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» Yeah, we're clear.

[And roughly an hour or so after that super friendly conversation, Mick will get another text.]

» It's done.
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backdated to the 26th!

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[ Merry Christmas! Or late Christmas, because Dustin pretty much slept through it. After a rather jarringly loud fist-pounding knock on Mick’s door, he’ll find a stocking left on the ground. If he's quick enough to answer he can probably recognize curls and a favourite hat turning the corner. The stocking is jammed full of things, including:

1. Air Heads (assorted flavours, but more watermelon because those are the best)
2. A small container with only banana flavoured runts
3. Gummy bears (sour and regular)
4. Bubble tape
5. Caramello
6. Nilla wafers
7. Chupa chups
8. Cow tales
9. Gummy cola
10. Nerds
11. Skittles
12. Sour patch kids
13. Fun Dip
14. Pop Rocks

And lastly, just for him:
15. Hot tamales, since it’s the hottest candy he can think of and he threatened to burn down the mansion.

Propped up is a Christmas card, homemade with probably the worst handwriting known to man: 'Merry Christmas. -Dustin' ]
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Backdated to 12/26

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[ As much as Darcy might've liked to get everything out in time, Wonderland had a weird way of screwing up her plans. So, after a solid day's sleep, she starts making her rounds - dropping off gifts on each floor while using a little red wagon. In front of Mick's door, he'll find a basket that contains:

• a blanket
• a festive mug
• a few different flavors of tea
• honey
another mug of hot chocolate supplies with a note to just add hot milk
a chocolate dipped stirring spoon
• ridiculous fuzzy socks
• a tiny stuffed animal
• an assortment of 2 dozen freshly baked cupcakes
• and an ornament of a fire extinguisher

There's a note dangling from one of the handles that reads:

Hope Wonderland's attempts at holiday cheer didn't go too poorly for you. Here are a few supplies to help get back into the swing of things and thanks again for not burning down the mansion. Happy Holidays!

- Darcy
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late dec 31

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[ outside mick's door before midnight, he'll find a rather bulky and poorly-wrapped pile of gifts: ]
  • A big ol' punching bag, with a tag that reads: please punch this instead of me?
  • A bag of gelt, and another bag of various cinnamon candies
  • A miniature model of a bridge, made from some sort of metal alloy, with a tag that reads: happy hanukkah, mick. -rp
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    [After Rip's arrival, he's concerned about Mick.

    He also knows better than to really show how concerned he is.

    He also knows better than not to act on his concern.

    Stuff's complicated.]

    Saw the captain?
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    Just checking in.

    [Not up on him, to make sure there's that distinction. Allegedly, anyway.

    He can't ask how he's doing, there's a whole mass of questions he can't ask and things he can't say, so this is taking longer than it should.]

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    More concerned with him being a problem.

    [It's not as if he was expecting anything else. Luckily it's also not as if anyone else can see him stare off at nothing and bite his lip.]

    Whichever works.
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    Leonard doesn't reply again, instead he makes his way to the bar, because after this he doesn't really have a choice. Doesn't really want one, either.

    He sits down next to Mick without a word, more concerned with getting his order. Once he can take a sip from that, he turns his head to look at him.]
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    [For a while he just looks at him, the expression on Mick's face awakening old fears. Of course.]


    [Still worth trying to get through to him.]

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