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» Hey.
» Just a heads up: I'm working on it
» But with everything going on this week, I kind of need to wait to finish it
» Unless you rather I hand you something faulty because of delirium setting in from lack of sleep
» But I kinda figure you'd rather it be properly done. So.
» Shit, sorry for the 90 texts. I'm just gonna shut up now.

[Yeah, because he doesn't have enough of an issue with rambling. Sleep-deprivation only seems to make it worse! Sorry, Mick. But hey, updates on the progress of your gun are a good thing, right?]
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» Probably. But see: sleep deprived. Also: the PhD I have in Ramble-ology.
» Thought you might agree on that one.
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so considerate, Mick

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» Yeah, yeah. I'm doing finishing touches
» You'll have it in hand today.

[He's still utterly exhausted, but he did manages something more like proper sleep, so actually, finishing where he'd left on Mick's gun had been one of his top priorities.]
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» It's not rigged.
» I'm not looking to have a matching set of bruises with Leonard give you a reason to break my face okay?

[Tampering would only mean he lost that precious IOU favor, and he doesn't intend to do anything to make Mick go back on that. Because who knows, it could be handy in the future. Especially with Thawne running around.]
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[His jaw clenches when that text comes in. Stubborn levels rising.]

» Leave Caitlin out of it.
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» Yeah, we're clear.

[And roughly an hour or so after that super friendly conversation, Mick will get another text.]

» It's done.