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[No text, no knock, no nothing. Leonard simply walks into Mick's room - sidestepping various obstacles once inside - and heads straight for the bed. He looks tired, of course he does. They're all tired.

But it takes a lot for Leonard to let his guard down, even around his partner. Especially given the circumstances. Yet here he is, dropping on the bed and letting himself fall back immediately.]

I don't want to sleep alone.

[He sounds too vulnerable, too young, to himself and he hates it, but it's still true.]
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I hate this. [Apparently this isn't about to get any more mature, but at least he keeps it to a mutter, aware how childish he sounds. Leonard lifts a hand so he can wrap it around Mick's arm, keeping it in place and potentially even pulling it closer. He's lying on his side, eyes finally closing.

He doesn't like this kind of exhaustion, the realisation that he'll be too out of it to be aware. Leonard's never been any good at letting himself rest.]

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My hero. [He says it drily, but it gets lost given how much "hero" means these days between us and also because a yawn interrupts him, making it hard to pull off that dry tone. It's difficult to pull of anything other than tired and sleepy while he is this tired and sleepy.]

'm sorry. [Half-asleep and the apology is muttered and unspecific.]
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Don't gotta. [True.] It's a luxury.

[Sleepy and beyond exhausted but he can spare a short and amused smile at himself at all this. He meant to do more than just come here to sleep, but he's tired, he's done with everything and he doesn't feel like saying anything else.

Sleepy Valentine.]