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At least I only got myself to blame.

[Which probably explains the masochistic streak inside him that has him sit here with Mick right now, because what good can come from that? Leonard's certainly not expecting any. It's just a verbal beating instead of a physical one.

He lifts his glass to finish his drink, then sets it down and considers whether to order another.]
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[He's silent, because this isn't really leaving him much choice. Agreeing with Mick and he's self-pitying, saying something callous and he's an even bigger asshole and any reaction that's more emotional just isn't him and won't happen. Not with how they are right now, not out in public and likely not ever.

He's missed Mick since coming here, he still misses him and this whole mess only makes him miss him more. Out of thirty years, this is what he has to deal with again. What a fucked up purgatory. He just wanted to see his friend again. Not a lot of friendship now.]

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Yeah, Rip's obnoxious.

[Especially Rip in a stressful situation, which just further shows why their esteemed captain isn't the best at said job. Not used to working with a team and not especially eager to get used to it.]

I was stuck with Sara. Almost died, but still. Much better.
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It's not about Rip, Mick, you know that. Everyone else. Sara.

[Everyone else and Sara. That's how it goes and he doesn't attempt to talk around it. Rip's not who Leonard chose, even in the slightest.]

I couldn't control you doing that, you're right. Couldn't control Rip wanting me to off you either.
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I know what he started, Mick. Just doesn't make my choices not my choices either. Doesn't make him less of an ass.

[They can both be manipulative asses at the same time, as evidence shows. Leonard turns in his seat, focusing his attention fully on Mick.]

I know what I said and where I went wrong, how wrong I went, but I don't think you're dumb. I never thought you're dumb. You are-- [He stops himself. With how Mick feels right now? With what Leonard knows is yet to come for him? With Ray...] You were my partner, Mick.
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You can't undo shit like that.

[Just echoing in agreement and he gets up, given he's done with his drink and out of things to say. At least out of things he can say that would be heard.]

See you around.