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[For a while he just looks at him, the expression on Mick's face awakening old fears. Of course.]


[Still worth trying to get through to him.]
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Yeah, sure.

[He would snatch the lighter away, but he doesn't have that privilege right now and getting into another physical fight wouldn't actually help the situation.]

Your beer's getting warm and you're gonna burn your hand.
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You also don't feel when your beer's flat and warm?

[He doubts that. He'd offer to cool it down, but Mick's already drinking and given the situation, would probably pretend to like it no matter how warm it was by now.]
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Doesn't mean you like it.

[He drinks his own drink, which has more ice than needed, but he drinks quickly enough to keep it from being watered down. Theme appropriate.]

You talk to Rip?
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[He figures Mick won't volunteer anything beyond that, so Leonard simply moves on.]

Raymond's not talking to me. His girlfriend told me.

[It's very middle school and he's still not sure whether he's annoyed, amused or indifferent.]
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Think because you came and I tried bossing him around.

[He's not one hundred percent positive, that's a lot of ego to take into account and he's honestly not sure how invested he is.]

Ain't questioning it too much, but his new girl seems decent. No idea how that happens.
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Told him to sit his ass down and wait and think first. [He maintains that was a reasonable request. If Ray didn't want to listen and earned himself a punch, he's really brought that on himself.]

Eh. You liked him just fine too.

[Has to mention that one.]
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Just didn't want him to drop everything on you right away. [He still doesn't really want Ray to drop anything more on him and he's discussed it with him - he's tried at least - but since that's obviously futile right now, there's not much he can do about it. Instead he listens to Mick and he doesn't really hear a comparison to Rip - who even cares - but his father instead.]

He's not a bad guy. Not the worst.
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You got to me first, you got some anger out. That's all and that's between me and you, or ain't I allowed to want to control my own life now either?

[He turns his head to stare down at his glass, turning it in his hand a little and listening to the ice clink. Had to rule in his own temper.]

He's gonna do what he wants to do. I've no interest or ability to control that. Knock yourselves out.
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At least I only got myself to blame.

[Which probably explains the masochistic streak inside him that has him sit here with Mick right now, because what good can come from that? Leonard's certainly not expecting any. It's just a verbal beating instead of a physical one.

He lifts his glass to finish his drink, then sets it down and considers whether to order another.]
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[He's silent, because this isn't really leaving him much choice. Agreeing with Mick and he's self-pitying, saying something callous and he's an even bigger asshole and any reaction that's more emotional just isn't him and won't happen. Not with how they are right now, not out in public and likely not ever.

He's missed Mick since coming here, he still misses him and this whole mess only makes him miss him more. Out of thirty years, this is what he has to deal with again. What a fucked up purgatory. He just wanted to see his friend again. Not a lot of friendship now.]

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Yeah, Rip's obnoxious.

[Especially Rip in a stressful situation, which just further shows why their esteemed captain isn't the best at said job. Not used to working with a team and not especially eager to get used to it.]

I was stuck with Sara. Almost died, but still. Much better.

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