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Just checking in.

[Not up on him, to make sure there's that distinction. Allegedly, anyway.

He can't ask how he's doing, there's a whole mass of questions he can't ask and things he can't say, so this is taking longer than it should.]

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More concerned with him being a problem.

[It's not as if he was expecting anything else. Luckily it's also not as if anyone else can see him stare off at nothing and bite his lip.]

Whichever works.
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Leonard doesn't reply again, instead he makes his way to the bar, because after this he doesn't really have a choice. Doesn't really want one, either.

He sits down next to Mick without a word, more concerned with getting his order. Once he can take a sip from that, he turns his head to look at him.]
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[For a while he just looks at him, the expression on Mick's face awakening old fears. Of course.]


[Still worth trying to get through to him.]
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Yeah, sure.

[He would snatch the lighter away, but he doesn't have that privilege right now and getting into another physical fight wouldn't actually help the situation.]

Your beer's getting warm and you're gonna burn your hand.
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You also don't feel when your beer's flat and warm?

[He doubts that. He'd offer to cool it down, but Mick's already drinking and given the situation, would probably pretend to like it no matter how warm it was by now.]
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Doesn't mean you like it.

[He drinks his own drink, which has more ice than needed, but he drinks quickly enough to keep it from being watered down. Theme appropriate.]

You talk to Rip?
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[He figures Mick won't volunteer anything beyond that, so Leonard simply moves on.]

Raymond's not talking to me. His girlfriend told me.

[It's very middle school and he's still not sure whether he's annoyed, amused or indifferent.]
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Think because you came and I tried bossing him around.

[He's not one hundred percent positive, that's a lot of ego to take into account and he's honestly not sure how invested he is.]

Ain't questioning it too much, but his new girl seems decent. No idea how that happens.
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Told him to sit his ass down and wait and think first. [He maintains that was a reasonable request. If Ray didn't want to listen and earned himself a punch, he's really brought that on himself.]

Eh. You liked him just fine too.

[Has to mention that one.]
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Just didn't want him to drop everything on you right away. [He still doesn't really want Ray to drop anything more on him and he's discussed it with him - he's tried at least - but since that's obviously futile right now, there's not much he can do about it. Instead he listens to Mick and he doesn't really hear a comparison to Rip - who even cares - but his father instead.]

He's not a bad guy. Not the worst.
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You got to me first, you got some anger out. That's all and that's between me and you, or ain't I allowed to want to control my own life now either?

[He turns his head to stare down at his glass, turning it in his hand a little and listening to the ice clink. Had to rule in his own temper.]

He's gonna do what he wants to do. I've no interest or ability to control that. Knock yourselves out.

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