thisismadfreaky: ({Blue} Chin hand ~ Expectant)
Cisco Ramon ([personal profile] thisismadfreaky) wrote in [personal profile] boilover 2016-12-23 08:38 pm (UTC)


» Hey.
» Just a heads up: I'm working on it
» But with everything going on this week, I kind of need to wait to finish it
» Unless you rather I hand you something faulty because of delirium setting in from lack of sleep
» But I kinda figure you'd rather it be properly done. So.
» Shit, sorry for the 90 texts. I'm just gonna shut up now.

[Yeah, because he doesn't have enough of an issue with rambling. Sleep-deprivation only seems to make it worse! Sorry, Mick. But hey, updates on the progress of your gun are a good thing, right?]

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