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Darcy Lewis ([personal profile] sorryitasedyou) wrote in [personal profile] boilover 2016-12-29 09:01 am (UTC)

Backdated to 12/26

[ As much as Darcy might've liked to get everything out in time, Wonderland had a weird way of screwing up her plans. So, after a solid day's sleep, she starts making her rounds - dropping off gifts on each floor while using a little red wagon. In front of Mick's door, he'll find a basket that contains:

• a blanket
• a festive mug
• a few different flavors of tea
• honey
another mug of hot chocolate supplies with a note to just add hot milk
a chocolate dipped stirring spoon
• ridiculous fuzzy socks
• a tiny stuffed animal
• an assortment of 2 dozen freshly baked cupcakes
• and an ornament of a fire extinguisher

There's a note dangling from one of the handles that reads:

Hope Wonderland's attempts at holiday cheer didn't go too poorly for you. Here are a few supplies to help get back into the swing of things and thanks again for not burning down the mansion. Happy Holidays!

- Darcy

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